Our ability to make progress on important projects and recover from the setbacks we’ve faced is underpinned by our strength as a community. Over the past year, we’ve shown overwhelmingly that we are a caring and committed community. We have shown that we can support each other, engage respectfully on difficult issues, and make sacrifices when we need to. I know we still have difficult weeks and months ahead as we emerge from this pandemic. There will be new problems to solve and more difficult choices to navigate. However, by supporting one another and working together we will continue to accomplish great things and make this year a successful time of recovery, healing, and prosperity.

My hope for the new year is that you will continue, along with me, to remain thankful for the positives we’ve experienced and look forward to the future projects and positives to come. Thank you for all of your continued support, for your sacrifices, and for being part of our journey towards a brighter future.