2021 & Beyond – Gavin's Commitments

  • I intend to keep working hard to revive our economy and build on the innovations and tailored strategies that kept us going through the pandemic.
  • I will work to deliver our community-based plan for a transformed City Dock ensuring it becomes a true showcase for our city and a welcoming place for all.
  • I will work to deliver more of the essential infrastructure we need, including a new and improved downtown parking garage, more flooding protection, and a new public works facility.
  • I will work to implement a new community policing model and a comprehensive approach to community issues, focusing on the specific needs of our diverse community, including mental health.
  • I will work with the Housing Authority of Annapolis to ensure investment and redevelopment of public housing, including the Newtowne 20 community, and continue investing in workforce and affordable housing throughout the city.
  • I will keep building on work done in my first term to create a more diverse, inclusive and united community – a community that celebrates all its residents and provides safety, opportunity and access for all.

“Together we’ve achieved so much, but our work isn’t finished. I hope you will join me in building on the foundations we’ve laid. There are new dreams to shape, more work to do, and more to deliver.”

Image courtesy Historic Annapolis, City Dock
Action Committee Design Team and BCT Architects