First Term Achievements – Promises Kept

Leading with vision and pragmatism

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Gavin has prioritized public health, without losing sight of broader community and economic concerns.

  • Food pantries and ‘pop up’ COVID testing sites established in partnership with Anne Arundel County.
  • CARES funding used to provide internet access to low income residents.
  • CARES funding used to provide utility bill assistance.
  • Small Business Recovery Task Force established to support COVID safe business planning.
  • Economic Recovery Zones established to extend safe trading opportunities, supporting local jobs and providing an economic lifeline to local businesses and restaurants.

More responsible and responsive City government

Gavin has reformed and aligned City finances and budgeting processes to ensure compliance with the City Code, greater transparency, and sound financial management.

  • All funds are budgeted with City Council appropriation authority and oversight. No more unbudgeted, hidden funds!
  • New purchasing laws introduced to ensure transparent and fair procurements.
  • Employee and retiree health insurance benefits restructured to reduce costs.
  • Fully funded employee pensions for the first time in nine years.
  • Upgraded Aa1 bond rating from Moody’s

Responding to climate change

Under Gavin’s leadership, the City’s first Resilience Plan outlines short, medium, and long-term solutions to mitigate the social and economic costs of flooding at City Dock.

  • New pumps and backflow preventers installed to reduce tidal water intrusion and nuisance flooding.
  • New position of Deputy City Manager for Resilience and Sustainability created to coordinate environmental efforts across all departments.
  • Successfully partnered with Anne Arundel County to seek State enabling legislation for a Resilience Financing Authority. The Authority will facilitate funding for critical resilience and climate change projects.

Environmental reforms and protections

Gavin has kept his promise to lead on environmental issues by enacting laws, re-allocating funding and implementing projects that protect our waterways and green spaces.

  • Styrofoam banned in city restaurants and carry-out establishments.
  • Ordinance passed requiring “no net loss” of trees from new developments.
  • Waterways Cabinet established.
  • Stronger sediment control law for site developments.
  • Stronger 'No Discharge Zone' laws for City waters.
  • Stormwater mitigation requirements increased for new developments and redevelopments.
  • Purposes of the Watershed Restoration Fund modified to finance stream restoration projects.
  • Fire, Police and Public Works fleet upgraded to more energy-efficient vehicles.
  • Electric charging stations installed throughout the city.
  • New LEED-certified water treatment plant on Defense Highway – winner of the Maryland Green Building Award.
  • Plan for new Organics Resource Recovery Facility to process organic waste economically and responsibly.

Smart transit solutions

Gavin has ensured our City leads on accessible and climate friendly transit solutions. New services and infrastructure are providing alternative transit and recreational opportunities for all residents.

  • Development of a five-year Transit Development Plan to support coordinated, proactive solutions to transit needs.
  • Free bus fare program introduced for school children.
  • Phase one of the West-East Extension (WEE) of Poplar Trail commenced.
  • Nine miles of new bike and pedestrian trails through Waterworks Park.
  • PATH bike shares introduced, along with ‘sharrows’ – bicycle access markings that allow bikes and cars to share roadways safely.
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety enhanced through new crosswalk installations, road markings, signage and signals along some of our busiest roads including Forest Drive, Hilltop Lane, West Street, and streets in Eastport.

Community outreach to all residents

Gavin has introduced a community-focused approach to City government with increased community consultation.

  • New liaison positions at City Hall and new community programs engage residents and give them a voice.
  • Introduction of One Block at a Time, a program where the Mayor meets regularly with residents and businesses in each City ward.
  • New community events and festivals create economic opportunities and help all residents see and know they have a valued place in our community. Examples include celebrating our LGBTQ+ community during June ‘Pride Month’ and commemorating Dia De Los Muertos, or ‘Day of the Dead’, with our Latino community.
  • Active leadership on racial issues and shaping a local response to the Black Lives Matter movement. This includes appointing a new Police Chief through an innovative, community-based consultation process and a renewed emphasis on community-engaged policing.

Infrastructure planning for the 21st Century

Gavin’s leadership has seen a renewed focus on critical infrastructure projects that address current and future community, resiliency, and service delivery needs of our City.

  • Tripled funding for road reconstruction and road resurfacing.
  • New outdoor pool and amenities at Truxtun Park.
  • Plan developed for replacement of the Hillman Parking Garage.
  • Transformational plan for City Dock developed through an innovative process incorporating professional expertise and extensive community consultation. The plan will ensure protection from rising sea levels and flooding and transform City Dock from a parking lot to a vibrant community space and showcase for our City.
  • Property purchased on Hudson Street to deliver a new Public Works Facility. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2021.


City dock before

Annapolis City Dock (stock image)


City dock after

Image courtesy Historic Annapolis, City Dock
Action Committee Design Team and BCT Architects