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Let's Finish What We've Begun

This journey began four years ago with a dream. It was a vision for what our city could be: forward thinking, strong, and inclusive. A city that is more sustainable, more accessible and better connected. A city that is family and community oriented, and where every resident knows they are valued and have a voice.

As Mayor I've worked hard to deliver on this vision and the promises I made. We now have expanded services and outreach to all our residents, across all wards of our city. New regulations and re-allocated funding protect our environment and waterways. New resiliency infrastructure is protecting our city from flooding. New bike and pedestrian pathways connect the breadth of our city and provide free, accessible transit for all residents.

We've achieved all this, and so much more, in the face of unprecedented challenges that tested our resilience. Together we've remained 'Annapolis Strong'. I believe we can draw on our strength as a community and look to the future with hope.

The dream is still in our hands. Our work is not yet finished. Let's keep dreaming, working and delivering together.

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